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Life is a journey.

We find ourselves jumping on and off different paths at different times in our lives. Sometimes it's the straight and narrow and other times it seems to be more like a winding curvy dippy out of control road.

But it's always a journey. 

This may seem a bit of a shocker to some people but God understands this. God knows about this journey and He knows about your journey. 

In the ancient writings of the book of Psalms God says, "My word is a lamp to your feet."  God says, 'I can give you direction. I can help.' 

The Journey Store is a wholly owned and operated ministry of Metro CITY Church and exist to help get people to Christ centered biblically driven resources that they need for their journey. So if you have questions about the Christian faith or are struggling with family issues or married life or maybe you just need a little encouragement. The Journey Store carries a wide variety of books, Bibles, music and all sorts of stuff to help you along the way.

The Journey Store does not exist for profit but exist to help you. If there is something you need just let us know.  The Journey Store is open at both campuses it all major Metro ministry events and gatherings. 

And don't forget, if you are digging Metro and want to support us you can check out the Metro Wear Gear at The Journey Store!  Or better yet, you may want to join the team to volunteers that runs the journey store. We are always looking for great help.

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