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We say that there are three main passions at Metro. One is the Weekend Experiences.  We want everyone to worship God together and to be challenged and encouraged by relevant passionate Bible teaching. The second thing we're serious about is getting people into a Life Group. You really need to get into a Life Group. And the third passion that really drives us is serving.

Church isn't about standing around for photo opps.  It's not about what church can do for you.  It's about what you can do to help

bring the Kingdom of God to Earth.  We are most like Jesus when we serve.  And Metro cannot become all God has called us to be without those who call Metro home getting serious about serving God in and through this place.

Metro purposely keeps a minimum amount of paid staff.  The reason for this is because we believe that YOU ARE THE CHURCH.  People who follow Jesus are called by God to use their time, treasure and talents for His Kingdom. 

It takes HUNDREDS of volunteers to make Metro come alive each week.  All throughout the week, not just at our Weekend Experiences, people like you give part of their time to serve in our Student and Kids Ministries, at Baxter's, welcoming people, cleaning the building, doing maintenance, hosting and leading Life Groups, doing OUTREACHES in our community, running production at our various gatherings...and the list goes on and on.  

You should think about serving and here’s why…  

Why Serve?

Jesus said, "Whoever wants to be GREAT among you must be a servant of all."  Do you want to be great in God's eyes.  You can be.  

Serving is a key pathway to our own spiritual group. Serving does something in our spirit. It gives us the heart of Jesus.  As we serve to build the Kingdom of God on Earth the Kingdom of God is built in us.

We know that serving takes sacrifice.  Jesus modeled that for us.  But we do try to give you some options on when and how you can serve. Click here for more info!


If you are interested in any of these opportunities or if you have another way you think you might like to get involved just stop by The Connections Center during one of our services or email the church office at: and we'll get you plugged in!

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