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Meet our staff! This is the team of people that lead the ministries throughout Metro. We believe in the power of the Gospel and are dedicated to reaching our community for the Kingdom.  
Pastor J.jpg

Pastor Jeremy Schossau

Lead Pastor

"At one point, my hair was 2 ft long...and I loved it. I am a complete history nerd...and I listen to podcasts on x4 to be more productive."

Pastor Chris.jpg

Pastor Chris Shimanek

Spiritual Formation Pastor 

"I'm by far the coolest & nicest pastor on staff. I love sports. Outside of that, I'm pretty boring!"


Pastor Joshua Brown

Student Ministries Pastor

"Autism Dad! 
Lover of the Garden! 

I love to read dead theologians!"


Larenda Billups

Generations Assistant



Robby Hatmaker

678 Director

"Sundays are always a happy day, but the day before is a sadder day. Get it? Include the "get it" that's important."


Angie Olsen

Executive Administrator |

Personal Assistant to Pastor Jeremy |

Marriage Ministry Director

"I love to clean and organize anything! I also have a passion for marriages."


Meredith Keith

Event Coordinator |

Clean Team Director

"I am a photographer, a Firefighter's wife, and mom to three girls!"


Tori Garza

City Kids Director

"I enjoy archery with my husband. I love to sing and dance in the kitchen with my kids. I am a registered nurse!"


Becky Garcia

City Kids Assistant Director

"I love to travel. I am a certified scuba diver. I am a great listener & care about others feelings. I make great blankets."


James Fox

Production and Technology Director

"Give me time and I can fix just about anything..."


Caleb Belcher

Lighting Director

"I am fun, helpful and can play trumpet & piano."


Shawn Card

Baxter's Cafe Ministry Director

"I love to prepare, share, and eat food! And I would much rather ride a Segway Mini than walk or run..."


Angela Griggs

Guest Services Director

"Something funny...I love nuts! Peanuts, walnuts, pecans...I love playing card games...any games really!"


Ron Olsen

Finance Director

"I enjoy working in our yard and I also feed the stray cats in our neighborhood."

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