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"From the very beginning we dreamed of creating a church for people who didn’t like church."

We dreamed of it being a place where they not only fit in but they would actually love and find it meaningful to their lives. What if what people heard on Sunday meant something on Monday to them?  People would not only come but they would actually be excited about being there.’


It was talk like that which gave birth to a different kind of church.  That dream started to stir in late 1998 in the heart of Jeremy Schossau (Founder and Lead Pastor of Metro City Church) as he was working full time as a carpenter while serving as a volunteer youth pastor in another local church.  He began to have a real sense that God was calling him to begin a new kind of work that would reach out to people interested in spiritual issues but who didn't think church was relevant to their daily lives.

In the middle of 2000 a small core group of about 20 people (nearly all of the them under 25!) began meeting weekly to plan, pray for and dream about what a new church would look like.  With no money or outside organizational support Metro was launched in October of 2000. Beginning in a German (Beer) Hall (as we liked to call it) complete with mice, pin-up-girl posters and “beer line here” signs we eventually graduated to the then newly built Flat Rock High School Auditorium.   

Metro moved into the high school about a year after our launch at about 120 people strong.  Spending the next five years at the school we experienced remarkable growth with attendance nearing 500.  With growing space demands to accommodate our expanding ministries Metro began to seek a 24/7 location. God was incredibly gracious and provided an abandoned grocery store on the corner of Fort St. and Van Horn Rd. 

On October 31st 2007, we moved in our tools to begin the renovations.  112 days later a small army of volunteers had turned a dilapidated vacant big box store into Metro’s first 24/7 facility.  Yes, our entire facility was completed with all volunteers (well, about 98% of it!) We occupied a beautifully renovated 35,000 square foot building with a main auditorium with seating for 640 and tons of room for kids and other ministries.

God has continued to move in ways we never would have dreamed.  In the spring of 2012, Metro completed renovations on our first permanent facility, a 45,000 square feet old Sports Authority building located in the heart of Downriver at Eureka and I-75 in Taylor (next to the Home Depot.)  The space is modern and beautiful and well used!  

As the ministries at Metro continued to reach more people we bought the 66,000 square feet abandoned Riverview Med Health Center.  After two long years of renovation, Metro has launched a second campus in Riverview.  Both of our facilities are inspiring modern spaces designed to build a welcoming environment for all peoples. 

Many years after the ‘living room church’ Metro CITY Church is home to thousands of people.  Thousands of people of all ages gather at our Weekend Experiences.  In addition to the Weekend Experiences, hundreds of middle and high school students along with singles 18-25 year old gather in what we call Generation City.  We’d love for you to join us!

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