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Kids need somewhere to go that is fun, clean, safe and free!


At Metro, we want everyone to enjoy our wonderful Playscape. You do not have to attend Metro or even have a religious preference/belief to make use of this great area.  In fact, that is why we built it to begin with.  We wanted a way to give back to the community.  A place where you could come and relax with friends and family in a safe and warm environment! 

Metro’s Cityscape Playscape is open to the public Monday-Thursday 10am-3pm.

We do have some rules for our Cityscape!


  1. Go to the bathroom before you get on the playscape. You won’t want to miss any fun once you start playing.

  2. Ages 3 to 10 ONLY Please.

  3. NO Food, Drinks or Toys on the Playscape Please.  This will help us keep it safe and clean.

  4. No Shoes but you MUST WEAR SOCKS.

  5. Don’t push or shove.

  6. Slides are only for going Down.  Please do not climb up slides.

  7. An Adult must be watching you.

  8. Be nice!  Try to make a new friend.

  9. No outside food or beverages are allowed inside. 

  10. Clean up after yourself. 


We rent out the space for private parties. Metro is all about throwing the best parties in town and we hope that yours is no exception! Still have questions? Please feel free to ask as many as you have. That is what we are here for! Email the address below for more information! 



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