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If one word was used to describe Pastor Jeremy it would have to be: PASSIONATE! If he loves something he’s selling it. He loves Chipotle…and he let’s everybody know it. He loves music…and he’ll tell you all about it. He loves history and if you let him, he’ll bore you to death with it! 


And it’s not a fake kind of a passion either. He gets fired up about all kinds of things in life and nothing gets him more fired up then his love for Jesus and the local church. Pastor J, as most people call him, truly believes that the local church is the hope of the world.

Pastor Jeremy is an entrepreneur at heart. At 19 he started a small ‘building business’ and became a licensed General Building Contractor. The business grew and grew and he loved doing what he did in the market place. But his real passion was God’s church and God’s kingdom being built into the hearts of people. So while working the marketplace as a building contractor he went to and graduated from Bible College with a Bachelors in Student Ministry/Theology and Minored in Psychology. And it was during college that together with his wife Lynette that they started a small ‘Youth Ministry’ in the Downriver Community.

Early on in his life he was petrified to get up in front of a crowd but God has somehow used that weakness to grow

something good.

After Spending his 20’s in the marketplace and as a Student Pastor, in the fall of 2000, God planted the desire to start and pastor a ‘grown ups’ church. He wanted to build the kind of church that unchurched people would love. He wanted to build the kind of place where The Bible would be taught and a relationship with God would be made real to people. He dreamed of a different kind of church, one that is modern and relevant…a good kind of different.

So, at 30 years of age, ‘while young and dumb’ as Pastor J likes to say, he and Lynette started Metro in their living room in Taylor, Michigan! And it’s been an amazing ride since. He says he’s learned more than he’s ever taught, received more than he’s ever sacrificed, been loved more than he’s ever loved.

Early on in his life he was petrified to get up in front of a crowd but God has somehow used that weakness to grow something good. Pastor Jeremy is the Lead Pastor at Metro and brings all his passion for life, Jesus and the Christian faith in his communication. Expect creativity, humor and spiritual depth when you hear him teach at our Weekend Experiences.

Pastor Jeremy has been married to Lynette for 30 years…he was 18 and she was 19 when they married! They have four amazing, loving and talented kids. They home educated all of their children. Pastor Jeremy loves to read and is a history buff and he’s really into his kid’s music. (Check out ALIVE | CITY on Spotify. That’s his kid’s band!!!) Their family loves music, camping and traveling. Most of all, the Schossau's love each other and the church that God has allowed them to be a part of!

“When the church is working right it is the dispenser of

God’s grace to the world.”

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