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What’s the deal… a cafe in a church?  

Why would a church need panini sandwiches, salads and some really good coffee?

It’s simple.  We like good food and everyone loves a great cup of coffee.

We realize that life is busy. It’s hard getting anywhere on time. It’s difficult to get the kids up and out the door. So people eat on the run. 

That’s one of the reasons we built Baxter’s Eatery.  Another reason is because we think food and coffee, and especially ice cream are great ways to connect to people.  


Baxter’s is a primary gathering place for our faith community. It provides a warm and welcoming environment to connect with friends or just to sit and reflect on matters of the soul.  You can enjoy a wide variety of reasonably priced Panini sandwiches, wraps and salads, while sipping on one of those ‘fancy coffees.’  And you can grab an ice cream for the kids!

All of this is to let you know that you are welcomed here!

We have a Baxter’s Café at both of our Campuses and they are open before, during and after all major Metro gatherings. Sundays, Baxter's in our Taylor Campus is open from 8:40a-1:00p. In addition, our Riverview Baxter’s is open Monday-Thursday from 10a-3p. So drop by for lunch, dinner, or coffee. And did we forget to mention that our Riverview Campus has a huge playscape for kids 10 and under? It’s amazing & it’s free. So drop by anytime.

Oh yeah, people ask all the time why did we name it Baxter’s. Richard Baxter was an English preacher from the 1500s.  He was an exceptional man and an incredible example of what it means to follow Jesus. Richard used to teach that all of us should ‘LIVE WITH HEAVEN IN MIND.’  We still think that’s great advice.

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