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It’s quite simple. Metro is a NEXT STEPS CHURCH where you can take your next steps toward God and with God.

We don't care if you've been a Christian forever, you're an atheist, or this is your first time in church. 

We believe that God is seeking you and we want to help you connect better with your Heavenly Father. 

You don’t have to know it all about faith or even have faith at all. You may doubt all things Jesus. That’s ok with us.

This is a safe place to explore issues of faith.

As long as you have an open heart and are willing to respectfully engage in spiritually driven discussions about God, the Bible, faith and how it can work in your life then you are wanted here.

We want to be a different kind of church.  We know we are far from perfect.  As a matter of fact we'd say that perfect people aren’t even allowed here.  But we are serious about letting God make us different and about God using us to make a difference in this world.  We want people to know that God is alive & He's not through with our world.

So you wanted the inside scoop on Metro? That’s it. We didn’t start this church because we think we know it all or have all the answers. We didn’t start Metro because we wanted to be some big mega church with a pastor who sports perfect big hair and a fat Caddie. No, we wanted desperately for desperate people to find God through His son Jesus. We wanted people who didn’t even know they needed God to fall in love with Him. 

We wanted people to see what having a right relationship with Jesus could really do in their lives.

That’s why we started Metro and that’s what drives Metro today. 

Little has changed.  Sure we’ve added a couple of thousand people along the way but the heart is still the same.  We believe in God’s Grace and we believe that Grace causes us to change and grow and take NEXT STEPS.   We believe that the spiritual life described in the Bible is not some starting line that begins with a prayer but it’s more of a process of seeking, discovering and then following Jesus.

That is Metro. And we hope that you’ll join us!​

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