In 21st century postmodern culture, it is quite common to assume that all major world religions, including Christianity, point to the same God. If all religions point to the same God, however, one would imagine that they would say the same basic things about Him.

But if we examine each of the major world religions, we find that they actually disagree over fundamental points. Buddhists disbelieve in the existence of a personal God. Eastern mystic religions teach that everything is God - you are God, I am God, the tree is God, good is God, evil is God, and so on and so forth. Hindu sects propose the existence of over 300 million gods of varying levels of importance. Judaism, Christianity, and Islam teach that God is the Creator, that we were made by Him, that He is holy and just, that He is a personal God, and that He has defined the difference between good and evil.

But there is a sense in which Christianity is different than any other religion. All other major world religions teach that you must get yourself together to earn your way into some alternative version of eternal bliss. You must pray five times a day, give alms, fast, take a pilgrimage, use a prayer wheel, abstain from certain foods, observe the Sabbath, or perform some other act to end up in heaven.

Christianity is different. God tells us that we will never earn or deserve a right relationship with Him. We simply cannot live up to His standards. Instead, God has taken the initiative. Because of His great love for us, He came to earth as a man to rescue us from the penalty of death that our wrongdoing deserves. John 3:16 says this: For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.”

No other religion can point to a moment in history and say, “This is what God has done for you.” No other religion describes how God has entered our world to save us. Religion is our attempt at finding God. Christianity is God’s attempt at finding us.

Metro is a Jesus community.  We believe that Jesus is the way to God. We believe that Jesus is the truth for life. We believe that following Jesus is the way to real life.   If you decide to come to Metro you'll hear about Jesus and will be encouraged to follow Him.  And if Metro becomes your church home you'll be expected to grow into the likeness of Jesus. 



We believe that someone who has experienced the love of Jesus is always taking next steps with Him. That is why we’ve given you this Bible. Spending even just a little time reading the Bible every day will help you keep your focus on God and grow in your relationship with Him. It will teach you about who He is and what His direction is for your life. We believe God will speak to you through His word.


A great way to grow in your understanding of the Bible is to listen to messages taught straight from the pages of the Bible. Our Pastors try to passionately and accurately teach God’s Word to our community. It’s incredibly helpful and encouraging. 



Baptism is beautiful.  It is an outward expression of an inward transformation. It's telling the world that your story is now GOD'S STORY.  It's declaring your allegiance & love for God. The Bible is clear: believers follow Jesus into the symbolic waters of Baptism.  


Maybe you'll be ready to take your faith public?

Our Baptism Celebrations are like the Superbowl for us. They are mission victory. They are why we give, why we serve, why we invite people. We want to CELEBRATE with those who are going public with their faith. We do this throughout the year by gathering the WHOLE CHURCH for a giant worship/baptism Experience!  It’s fun and incredibly meaningful. So plan to join us for one of the most important days of the year. 

If you want to go public with your decision to follow Jesus through baptism or to find out when the next baptism is please visit the Connection Center during a weekend Experience or contact the church office at 734.287.2366.