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Church Karaoke

Pastor Danny Soto - Metro City Church | Worship Pastor

Music seems to connect with everyone. Whether it’s country, hip-hop, rock, or jazz - music connects. When a well known tune comes on at a party, wedding, or even the radio, it doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Spanish, large, small, young or old, you know everyone is digging it. It really is amazing how music connects people and cultures together!

Have you ever seen karaoke? In my experience, I’ve seen it at parties, restaurants, or social gatherings and most of the time, it’s horrible! Ha! Most people can’t really carry a tune at all but it’s a fun time with the right people in the right environment.

If you have ever experienced church there is a section of the service that we call worship. Think of it as just us celebrating Jesus by singing songs to HIM. We use music to connect with God. And sometimes it feels just like karaoke. Not in the sense of people singing badly, but just people singing along. It can feel like “just-a-part” of the service instead of having an authentic moment of worship between you and God.

We know all the songs—or we are learning them—and it’s what we love to do. Hey, I’m a worship pastor and if I don’t catch myself I do the same thing! I find myself just singing along rather than being with and enjoying God Himself. I have been going to church most of my life and it’s almost like church has become just what I do, even who I am.

But have you ever thought of worship as more than just us singing to Jesus?

The Bible tells us that the Lord “inhabits the praises of his people.” (Psalm 22:3) Think about that…when we sing to Jesus, His spirit dwells with us!

So does it matter if you sing? ABSOLUTELY! When we sing to Jesus, He says, “It’s time to go be with my people”. Are you getting this? When we truly enter worship He dwells with us! We begin to see a little more of who He is. When we lift our hearts and voices in worship we get more of God…and I think that is exactly what we need. More of God.

When we get more of God, our perspective changes, our faith is built up and we walk in confidence. Quite frankly, Jesus loves it when we sing to Him!

When my wife and I were dating, I’d try to sing Luke James’ “I want you”. I couldn’t hit the high notes, but I know Stephanie loved it AND she still does. Half of it was just me being corny but I know she still enjoys it when I try! Perhaps Jesus feels the same? Maybe we can’t hit every note or sing well, but it touches His heart.

So let me encourage you, when you’re in church this weekend or whenever you chose to go next, just remember, your voice matters! Whether you have a good voice or not, Jesus desires for you to sing to HIM. Our praise moves the heart of God and our praises move our heart towards God. It’s not just another church karaoke time, it’s an opportunity to dwell with the Creator.

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